How did humans reach here??

When darwin said humans are animals with higher thinking abilities many people did not believe him and till this date many people still not believe in him. But the truth is we all are animals with higher thinking abilities who were firstly noticed in the continent of Africa.

It all started when our new species of plant came into existance (grass) with growth of grass trees which were closer earlier are now at a distance from each other and empty spaces between the trees are filled with grass. Our ancestors who were apes and lived in trees which provide them food and Safety from the predators roming the earth surface but with lessening of trees they now have to come on land and roam in search of food.

Apes who uses there four legs to move now use only two legs and stand tall to see the predators above the grass this was the first success in the way. now when there is two free hand they used them to make and hold tools .

Soon they discovered fire now they can cook there food on fire which get more delicious after cooking. Fire also protect them from predators when they started living in the caves.

Cooking food make their brain larger and there interstine and teeth shorter with this increased brain size human developed world’s first sign language which help them to work in groups .

With there ability to communicate they escaped the continent of africa and reached to other parts of the world where many other species of humans are developing just like our ancestors but there are no other species of humans living on earth now so it is assumed that homosapiens started the first crusade of humankind by killing every other species of humans. Why did they do so?

Its one simple answer behind that they were too familiar to ignore and too different to tolerate. Its the matter of existance that made them do this crusade .

The grass that forced them to come down from trees now helped them. many variety of weeds ( that grow naturally in the area) are grown around different part of the world at the same time

Humans who are now developed as hunters and gatherers by roming many generations on the surface of earth now settle at one place. They lived in groups while hunting but now they lived in even bigger groups these groups will be in future known as civilisations.

The communicating abilities which were just sign language when we left africa is now replaced with well organised language to shear our thoughts and emotions easily .

With ability to communicate humans pass informations to next generation and after many generations humans grow a mind that can store information , generate new ideas and work to fullfill these ideas. These unique ability of humans separate them from other animals.

Humans are now leading the food chart. We have given theories and equations related to different natural phenomena we are planning to settle on other planets of solar system.

Humans who live as apes in the forest of africa is now leading the planet all this is just because of human’s ability to communicate and think .

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