From Evolution of Particles to evolution of species.

Just after big bang there was nothing but  energy spreading in every possible direction. This energy after cooling to certain limit forms first mass of the universe that is the smallest atomic structure ie the electrons these electrons attain the heat released during big bang and started moving at very high speed forming glowing disk around a black hole at there center . this electon disk forms is the base for every matter this electron forms the first of element ie hydrogen. By the property of every atom to evolve into more complex and evolved atom like hydrogen under right temperature and pressure forms helium and soo on After all the element essential for formation of stars planets and galaxies this evolution taken a diffent way of evolving some element combine together in definate quantity under right condition to form life on this planet , a micro-organism. then the story of evolution of particle has changed into evolution of life . Today we can see soo many variet of plants organisms and other objects because of there right proportion of elements. We study the evolution of life and particles separately but do not explain relation between them easily . 

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