How can we travel to other galaxies and in time ?

Time travel and travelling to long distances in the galaxy is the dream of many scientists and philosophers since we were evolved enough to prove some natural phenomena with the help of science and understand some of the concepts of space and time .

But till today we are unable to fullfill this dream. But is it possible??

Scientists are working day night to find a way to do so and many scientists believe that the only way to travel long distances in spaces and through time can be done by small cosmic tunnel that is called a worm hole. A worm hole is a tunnel shaped hole just like a black hole but it appear for a very short period of time and in atomic scale. They can not be seen through naked eyes or microscope but there effects can be noticed. They are everywhere around us and in us. a worm hole transport electron to another place for very short period of time. The reduced mass can be noticed . This mass again appears in other orbit.

Also in quantum Entangelment two particle seperated by a large distance in cosmos can be connected directly through each other if one particle is rotated other will start rotating this can be possible only through a worm hole

Scientists believe that these worm holes can help us to travel very large distance is universe in just fractions of time and can even lead us to past or in future.

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