How human can civilise on mars in future?

Earth is the home for every human being that has ever existed. It gives us all the essential things required for generation and growth of life, as we have discussed in our earlier blog, that Earth has the exact conditions and atmosphere required for generation of life.

But now we are evolved enough that we can create right condition for civilising on other planets. This can not be done in just one day – it’s a slow process and will take many years to create the right conditions for survival and existence of life.

On planets like Mars, this process is not so difficult, but certain things should be kept in mind, like its gravity, atmospheric conditions , presence of oxygen and carbon di oxide, right temprature etc.

These problems now a days can be solved using modern knowledge and instrument.

First problem that comes is gravity – we can overcome it by sucking space dust and small metallic asteroids on its surface as asteroids are not far away from Mars.

Unwanted big asteroids can be destroyed before reaching the surface and their dust and remains can be brought to the surface of planet. increased gravity will help us to maintain more dense atmosphere

Second problem that comes is the presence of carbon. Carbon is very essential for maintaining right temprature on the planet. The lack of carbon can be fullfilled by transporting it from another neighbor – Venus – in liquified form through big cargo space ships.

Firstly, artifical plantation should be done which contains green plants that perform photosynthesis and release oxygen in atmosphere to set a base for humans to live on this planet.

For this purpose, water can be arranged by asteroids made up of ice. Groundwater can also be increased by using these asteroids underground.

Single celled organisms like tardigrade that can survive without water or atmosphere for long period of time can be left in the surface so that they can adapt to the planet’s environment. As we have disscussed in my previous post that life is very obstinate to survive and find various ways to exist. Maybe it can evolve in species that don’t exist on our planet or species that need oxygen or any type of gases. No one knows, just small changes in condition can lead to very different type of species as we can see on Earth.

The dead plant and their parts will provide manure and fertilizers for upcoming plantation of forests on the red planet.

2 thoughts on “How human can civilise on mars in future?

  1. Its good to civilise earth first. earth is home for every human that has ever borned but with increasing population and climatic problems its necessary to find alternative planets where human can live if something catastrophic happens on earth.


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